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Sports Medicine

Improve your performance and prevent injuries.

What is Sports Medicine? Sports medicine is therapy that can be utilized when a child, teen, or adult is injured from a sporting activity, exercise activity, or other activities involving high skill levels.

Who is a specialist? Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers work together to help get you back to your activities/sports as soon as possible.

When to get seen by a Sports Medicine specialist? NOW! Iowa has Direct Access, which means you can see a Physical Therapist to get an evaluation without a referral from a physician. Depending on the severity, your therapist will either continue to get you better quickly or refer you to see the appropriate doctor that can help.

“I felt my therapy was very complete. All exercises were explained thoroughly. I was told what muscles were being strengthened and why. Everyone enjoyed what they were doing which helped calm me down and made me feel comfortable. Thank you for a Great job”.

Examples of common injured that require Sports Medicine Rehabilitation: